Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting to Know Oster and Associates: An Interview With Karin Oster

George Washington had Nathanael Greene, Thelma had Louise, Maverick had Goose, Lucy had Ethel, and Bev has Karin. There is no leader without a second in command. That's where Karin Oster steps in. As an ongoing weekly blog, I got the chance to interview Karin (pronounced car-in not care-in), as Matt did last week with Bev Oster. I sat down with our vice president at Oster and Associates to find out what drives her, where she finds inspiration, and what adventures she embarks on outside of the office?

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Tyler: Was there an exact moment in your life where you knew that you wanted to enter the advertising world?
Karin: I guess when I was in college and broke and needed to pay the bills.

T: Where does your love for the advertising/PR/Marketing business come from? What about the industry inspires you?
K: The advertising industry truly inspires me because you can help take a product or brand, and make it a household name through your knowledge and marketing expertise. You have the ability to influence a movement or the everyday behaviors of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. The other aspect of the industry that drew me to it was the ability to be a right brain and left brain person in the same profession. Not many other professions can allow you to be an artist while negotiating business deals and balancing P&L statements. I love the changing environment and utilizing many different skills.

T: Beyond the current technology and interactivity with social media and smartphones, smart TVs, etc., what new advances in technology do you think our industry will face in the next 10-20 years?
K: I think everything will just continue to become more personalized and less mass market. I also think technology will become more condensed so we will have less products and they will perform more tasks. People will communicate and socialize less and less, while more and more things will be done for us.

T: When you’re not storming the trenches of the advertising world, what kind of hobbies, interests, or activities are you interested in?
K: When I'm not working, I love being with my family. I love spending the day at the beach and watching my son play in the water or chase the birds. I love going for a swim or just playing at the park. In the winter, I do love snow skiing and I like reading books with my son every night.

T: What’s your favorite thing to do in the San Diego area?
K: Going to the beach.

T: Do you have any advice to the young scholars of the world aspiring to break into the advertising business?
K: Be ready for an industry that changes very quickly and where everything was due yesterday. However, also be ready for a very fun and exciting industry where you will become an expert in every industry that you have a client in. You will be a jack of all trades if you are successful.

T: Where else would you live if you didn’t live in San Diego? Why?
K: Hawaii because it is one of the most beautiful places on earth and so romantic.

T: If there was one dream brand you could work with which company would that be and why?
K: Michael Kors because he is just such an amazing designer and I love the brand so much. I could truly be passionate about the product and company overall.

T: Where do you see Oster and Associates 10 years from now?
K: Dominating the SD advertising industry.

T: What is your favorite movie and why? Has it had affect on your life personally?
K: Scarface-not much affect on my life personally since I have stayed away from the drug cartel or murder but an entertaining movie.

Stay tuned next week as we continue to interview another Oster team member, our designer Kerri!


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